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The treatment area will be prepared, then the appropriate wax (either roller or hot) will be used to gently remove the hair from the root.  Hair may start to appear after a few weeks as hair grows in a 3 stage cycle.  For best results, book in for rewax 4-6 weeks after.  Ideally hair should be around 4-6mm for strip waxing although can be shorter for hot wax areas.  After a period of time waxing can help hair grow back finer and sparser.

As standard I use a tea tree wax for strip waxing, apart from facial waxing where I use a honey way (if you are sensitive, please advise as a tea tree wax may be a better option for you).A premium hot wax, Waxperts, is used for bikini and underarm areas.  This lavender wax can be used for the most sensitive skins.

Important pre-waxing info:  If you are using a retinoid or any medication which thins the skin, please advise, as this can cause the skin to break and lead to hyperpigmentation.  Avoid using retinol for a week before waxing.  After waxing please avoid products, sweaty exercise, heat and the sun/sunbeds for the next 24hrs.  Always wear SPF on exposed skin after this period.

Full leg – £30

Half leg – £21

Full arm - £19

Half arm - £15

Upper lip - £6

Chin - £7

Brow tidy - £11

Chest £23/back - £22

Bikini - £17

High bikini - £20

Underarm - £14

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